About Us

  We love a beauty of paintings created on canvas, wood or paper in the same way as those painted by nature: everyday's sunrises and sunsets, changing seasons, beauty of people's faces either young or old that we meet every day.
 Everyday, thousands of artists wait in a queue to be discovered. Their works, which are often unique and one of a kind, have only one disadvantage which is - their creators are 'not known' yet. 
Successively, spending more and more time with artists, we have understood that  beauty does not have to cost a fortune.
Thus, we have started collecting oil paintings, watercolours and sketches guided by the need for communing with a beauty.
Hereby, we would like to share this beauty and our feelings with a wider audience, and if you like anything from our collection, you are welcome to our Store or ebay Shop.
Van Gogh sold only one painting during his lifetime - for only 400 Belgian francs,
so who knows what treasures may be hidden in your collection.